Domestic Helper Insurance Package 
Employer’s Liability
Employer's legal liability under the Hong Kong Employees' Compensation Ordinance and Common Law.
Maximum Limit – HKD100,000,000
Clinical Expenses
Reimbursement of clinical expenses incurred by the Domestic Helper due to sickness or accident.
Surgical & Hospitalization Expenses
Reimbursement of surgical and hospitalization expenses incurred by the Domestic Helper due to sickness or accident
Dental Expenses
Reimbursement of the dental expenses incurred by the Domestic Helper
Personal Accident Benefits
Death or Permanent Disablement resulting from accidental injury occurring in Hong Kong during the rest days of the Domestic Helper.
Loss of Services Cash Allowance
Cash allowance for loss of services commencing from the 4th day of insured Domestic Helper’s confinement in a hospital.
Repatriation Expenses
a) Emergency Repatriation of the Domestic Helper in the event of serious sickness or injury
b) Post-mortem Treatment and repatriation of mortal remains
This summary gives only an outline of the insurance cover and any information given herein is subject to the terms and conditions in the actual Policy.